as the UN Climate talks drag on to a Copenhagen Catastrophe …..

Dr. Michael Tuckson, Chiang Mai resident writes:

If we are to avoid irreversible climate breakdown, the world’s greenhouse gas strategies must be upgraded to reflect the latest science, notably that of the NASA team in 2008, and the reality that technological change may not be fast enough to stop a state of irreversibility. Not only is political leadership not reflecting the science, but many in ‘modern’ sectors of the world would benefit from learning support on climate science and strategies. New ways of educating the powerful are needed, but if this is not possible in the short-term, some hope lies in a people’s web strategy.

This web site proposes that:

1. Assuming human compassion, the common weak government policies on emission reduction indicate that most people do not sufficiently understand the latest scientific research and surface earth systems feedback and irreversibility. We have already passed safe global greenhouse gas concentrations and temperatures. Without a deeper, up-to-date, more widely spread understanding, especially among senior people in all types of organization in all major emitting nations, catastrophe looms.

2.  Leadership implies public articulation of up-to-date understanding, in this case particularly the lastest scientific research that is more frightening than that known just two years before.

3. The world’s ‘modern’ sectors need crash courses in up-to-date climate change science and strategies, particularly for senior personnel in government, parties, unions and corporations. What the world’s major government’s are proposing may merely delay the tipping stage by a few years.

4. Its too late to depend only on the spread and innovation in appropriate technology. We must lead with behavioural change, globally coordinated.*

5. We should use lifetime emissions in negotiations, and separate rich and poor sectors in analysis of the larger developing countries.

6. Thousands of knowledgeable people could contribute to a strategy working up important organizational hierarchies to spread understanding.

7. The people can use the web to globally coordinate a people’s strategy

* for more details on this see the entry on Minqi Li’s work on – Ricky