The City Emblem consists of Suthep Pagoda Mountain, Clouds, Dragons, Rice Stalks, and Thai flower design scripture.Each one represents following meanings:

The Suthep pagoda mountain is regarded as the holy place.It is believed that Buddha relic is kept there. All Buddhists often visit and pay respect to the Suthep pagoda mountain. It is the center of the Buddhism in the north which is shown the prosperity of the city.

The Clouds
Reflect the Chiang Mai atmosphere which is cold, comfortable and good place for living all year round.

The Great Naga (Traditional Dragon)
It is beleived that great Naga is the source of several rivers especially the Ping River. The Ping River is the source of Chiang Mai people ‘s life and nearby province. It is one of the most important rivers in the north.

Rice Stalks
Mean the fertility of crops and food. They are not only the source of food and water but also the famous agricutural products.