Chiang Mai City Municipalty Emblem

As I write this on Tuesday morning 29th September, news comes in about hundreds killed in massive floods in The Philippines. The strength of the typhoon, which has brought over I metre rainfall in a day, the meteorology service blames on Climate Change. Further west the storm bares down on the ancient World heritage capital of Vietnam, the City of Hue. A metre of rain is expected there in the next two days bringing devastation.

Meanwhile in Chiang Mai all is peaceful.

Last night TV Thai recorded a question and answer session for Mayoral candidates in a flower bedecked hall. One candidate promised to make Chiang Mai a World Heritage City.

Not one candidate, nor the TV company presenter, who spoke more than any candidate, nor any on the panel of local notables, mainly from a group which had been interviewed the previous week said a word about Climate Change.

(Comments about Climate Change at that meeting from two attendees  were edited out of the TV broadcast.)

Nobody mentioned Climate Change despite the fact that a great conference on the issue is now underway in Bangkok. Nobody referred to our Prime Minister’s speech on the matter which was front page news that day. Nobody mentioned the target 350 parts per million carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere which we must reach to avoid Total Catastrophe. Nobody mentioned the large Climate Change bicycle rally of 20th September at Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium. Nobody paid tribute to the 350 residents who turned out last Saturday with candidates present to learn about Climate Change.

TV Thai is not worthy of Thailand.

Not one of the Mayoral candidates is worthy of election.