Greening Chiang Mai

As is the trend in global politics and development nowadays views tend to be so polarized that it is difficult to establish consensus. I invite the mayoral candidates and others to review and comment on the attached proposal that offers compromise in the development of future and sustainable development of Chiang Mai.

I also call for all those who wish the best for Chiang Mai and its people, to submit their thoughts and on suggestions for inclusion
in our “Future Trends Study”, designed to provide the elected leaders with the background detail they will need to evaluate in order to
make well informed and visionary decisions on the future develop the city, so that we may benefit and not suffer from the changes that
are happening in this fast changing world.

  1. Establishing the Thaa Phae River Market & Festival Area.
  2. The transformation of the Mae Kha Canal into permanent  Walking Street.
  3. The greening of downtown Chiang Mai.

To find out more, please view the following PDF which is written in both Thai and English languages:

The Thaa Pae River Market & Festival Area Proposal & Related Projects in support of Chiang Mai, as a Sustainable City and the Kingdom’s first Responsible Tourism Destination

Please note: The CGI Survey Forms URL’s provided in the attached PDF report are not yet active. Please therefore submit your comments on the proposals – and content for the ‘future trends’ in the comments section below.