New dead trees under powerlines ChiangMaiWith Chiang Mai Mayoral Election looming on 4th October 2009 you too can have your say.

Events are happening (see below) and invites anybody who might feel the impact of local government actions to make their views policy (not personalities please)  known in comments below

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Candidates and their team members are welcome to contribute – and please submit any weblinks for information.

As they say – Speak now or forever hold your peace !!

Roadmap to a Sustainable City – 3 Coming Events


*** Date: Saturday 19th September 2009

Time:From 14:00

Screening on Thai PBS of community activist suggestions for good government in Chiang Mai. Recorded under the big Don Po at Wat Suan Dok, Tuesday 15th. NOTE The discussion is in Thai. So if yours is poorly please watch it with friends.

The Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TPBS or Thai PBS) is a public broadcasting service in Thailand. It operates TV Thai (ทีวีไทย), a public television station broadcasting in UHF Channel 29. The station was established according to the Public Broadcasting Service Act, which came into effect on January 152008. The station is broadcasting on a frequency formerly held by the privately-run channel, iTV.


*** Date: Sunday 20th September 2009

Time:From 8:00 till afternoon

Place: Chiang Mai Municipal Stadium, Chang Puek early; then Suan Bok Haad SW corner of moat from 13:00

Ride you bike to Cool the World ( Car Free Day)


Date: Saturday 26th September 2009

Time:From 18:30-21:00

Place: Buddhasathan–Chiang Mai, Tapae Road, opposite the Governor’s Residence
Action on Climate Change: Roadmap to a Sustainable City – a Northern Climate Change Network Event


กิจกรรม “ปฏิบัติการด้านการเปลี่ยนแปลงสภาพภูมิอากาศ: หนทางสู่เมืองยั่งยืน”
วันที่ 26 ก.ย. 52  ณ พุทธสถานเชียงใหม่