The latest arrival from is a new, high-impact presentation that you can use to bring people into the global climate movement. Please check it out at

Remember is asking communities around the world to demonstrate on 24 October to demand the UN Climate Conference, only 88 days from today ( 10th September) , set limits on atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions which will bring levels down from the dangerous 390 ppm we have today.

The presentation, which you can present at school and community meetings,350 man explains the science behind the demand and points to solutions.

Coming Chiang Mai events:

Get on your bike to stop Global Warming

Date: Sunday 20th September 2009 Time:From 8:00 til afternoon

Place: Chiang Mai Municipal Sports Ground, then a bike ride and meeting at Suan Bok Haad SW corner of old city

Action on Climate Change: Roadmap to a Sustainable City

Date: Saturday 26th September 2009 Time:From 18:30-21:00

Place: Buddhasathan–Chiang Mai, Tapae Road, opposite the Governor’s Residence