This was taken at the beginning of March during the week of worst pollution…bear in mind that the sun sets behind the mountain and the least you would expect would be a silloutte. This can’t be good publicity for Chiang Mai as a tourist destination or as retirement community. Addressing this problem is difficult but the city can play its part. Reducing traffic pollution and finding sollutions to the problem of forest/agricultural/backyard burning should be a priority for us as a city.
Start with yourself: Consider how much you use your car and whether you could alternatively use public transport or even a bike. Chiang Mai is not as dangerous as people assume, buy a decent pollution mask off the internet and then go for it. The technique is never to make any sudden movements and to always check around you before you do any kind of manouvre.
If you have to drive your car, turn the engine off when you’re at the lights. I’ve recently noticed that all fourway traffic lights follow an anti-clockwise rotation; knowing this allows you to anticipate the change and turn your engine back on.
Small things, I know, but awareness is the first step towards change.