Standard Thai Traffic Lights

Standard Thai Traffic Lights

Recently I circulated some articles from the internet about avoiding letting a motor vehicle idle when waiting, with the message being that turning off the motor saves money and reduces pollution.

I have now prepared a one page A4 document, suitable for printing and cutting into 3 strips to give away. The text together with cartoon drawings can be found here – View and download the Red Light English text & image here

ไฟแดง ! Thai text version

Here is an example of the text.


Don’t wait in exhaust pollution!

PLEASE Turn off the motor of your car

If your wait will exceed 10* seconds.

This will SAVE YOU MONEY. Research has shown this saves fuel and vehicle maintenance costs. & SAVE YOUR HEALTH and that of your companions. (Road intersections have the most polluted air in Chiang Mai a polluted city) & RESIST CHIANG MAI WARMING.

N.B. Air-con units work efficiently when a car is moving along, poorly when a car is idling.

* For large trucks and buses this should read 30 seconds. For more information write to

Please feel free to print and copy these for your friends and acquaintances.

The next step is to do the same in Thai.

Your suggestions as to how to proceed further with this idea are welcome.