With the World fast approaching melt-down, in a hard hitting opening speech at the World Environment Day meeting sponsored by the Network to Combat Global Warming on June 4th at Chiang Mai YMCA, Chiang Mai Governor Viboon Sa-nguanphong pulled no punches.

Using an analogy from traditional Thai boxing he urged participants to “seek your targets and hit hard”. He also recognised that some communities have shown a particular interest in addressing some issues and deserved the support of the Provincial Government which would be forth coming.

His speech was followed by a graphic presentation of the severity of problems facing the World and Thailand in particular by Professor Jirapon Sintunawa of Thailand’s pre-eminent Mahidol University.

The presentation should have left no doubt in the minds of the many government and NGO officials and Lanna folk in attendance of the gravity of the problem of Global Warming.

The key note talk was followed by workshops on issues including alternative energy, water management, education, air quality and natural resource management.

Matters not specifically addressed included population policy and energy demand reduction strategies – both crucial to solving Global Warming.

We must await proceedings of the meeting to see if any workshops have answers to this looming crisis.