International Citizens of Chiang Mai
General meeting minutes: 29/04/08
Meeting convened at 4:00pm at the office of Dr Wasan, Mechanical Engineering Dept. CMU.

Apologies given for: Adrien Pieper, Alexander Tinti, Bill Tuffin, Jeff Rutherford, Dr Wasan, Dr Duongchan.

The group discussed the possibility of setting up information booths for the upcoming display at Airport Plaza. The idea of using these booths as a platform to current local environmental issues.

Ricky told the group about a successful fire prevention plan implemented in Nan province that addressed very similar issues to those which are currently affecting Chiang Mai and its surrounding provinces.

Klaus gave a report on the continuing efforts of the Chiang Khian Fire Initiative. He explained how they had begun mapping trails and forest usage in the area and would continue to do this. He then highlighted their next stage of implementation which will be the interviewing of local stakeholders in the area to ascertain forest usage.

Ricky reported on the progress of the vegetation group’s initiative in the Doi Saket area. He reported on a meeting he had with Khun Boon and Khun Deng. They are working on a project which seeks to regenerate some of the heavily degraded lowland forests.

Dave reported on the last meeting of the Education sub-group, and Khun Boong’s initiative to work with local schools. He also discussed the feasibility of creating educational packs for local schools based around local environmental issues.

The meeting was closed at 6:00pm.