I think this short report is related to Chiang Mai pollution so I hope it will be well received by this group.

I’ve left Chiang Mai for at least the next 12-18 months except for one trip back in July. I’m working in Texas to build coalitions in 12 congressional districts for good national global warming legislation.

RIght now, I’m attending a 3 day conference called Climate Change Impacts on Texas Water which brought in many experts from all over the country. The first speaker is a Senior Scientist and head of the Climate Research section at the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

He was asked a question about tipping points where nature can abruptly change for the worst. He responded that the glaciers in Peru would definitely melt. I talked with him briefly afterwards and asked about the Himalayan glaciers. He said they would also definitely melt. He was visibly pained by this fact. He was confirming what I’ve read several places and heard in several documentaries.

40-50% of the worlds people get much of their water from those glaciers and snowpack– Pakistan, India, China, and SE Asia. Those glaciers and snowpacks and their water are why these huge ancient civilizations developed there.

African scenarios in the cards are equally as grim not to mention those depending on the Andean glaciers.

Author: Jerry Locke