3pm Sunday 10th March 2013. Traveling north along highway No 1 from Tak to Lampang between km 600 & km 640

  • Forest fires spotted : 12
  • Red Fire tankers each with 2 persons seen : 2
  • Army vehicles : 0
  • Soldiers : 0

For current fire and pollution details see http://thaiforestfire.com/

Fire but no Army

Update 21st March 2013 – Here below is this evenings image. At 1:00 pm there were no active (yellow or red) fires on the map below.

The army is reported to be out in the hills stopping arson, yet the PM10 values were extreme all across the north (zoom in to the pic to see figures for each province). But what has happened in central and eastern Thailand? Can one believe no fires? When I travelled from Uthai Thani to Chiang Mai 11 days ago there were widespread fires burning off rice stubble as reflected in the earlier screen shot.

Can somebody please explain and also say where the thick smog of today originates? Are the chilly mornings a factor?

Fire & Army 21 March 2013