At the beginning of November 2012, I took a short trip to Phrae and Nan. So nice to escape the gridlock of Chiang Mai and in Phrae to take a long swim in their 50 metre public pool where entry remains at 20 baht for an adult.

It is now one year since the Chiang Mai Municipal pool opened, but with the impending National Games at the exorbitantly priced pool at the 700 year sports centre is likely to be out of action for the best part of December what alternatives might be about?

Well here is one piece of good news, for those fortunate enough to have access to Chiang Mai University sporting facilities:

Swimming Pool CMU

The pool and changing rooms were completely renovated earlier this year and the standard of the latter puts both the municipal pool and the run down 700 year pool to shame.

It would be nice to report progress on a second municipal pool which has been unusable since it was constructed some six years ago.

The new large pool at the Railway Park had laid unused, apart from breeding habitat for mosquitoes an frogs, since its completion due to a dispute between the municipality and the contractor building the park. It appeared, however, that the conflict had been resolved as work proceeded to repair many damaged features of the park. At one stage the pool was full of clean water and it appeared that the promise of the new Mayor Tessanai Buranabakorn to fix all the unfinished projects dating from the period when his uncle was mayor was being fulfilled.

Alas the picture below shows the present condition of the Railway Park Pool: