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Peoples Actions on Climate Change (PACC)

29th September to 5th of October 2009, Bangkok

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On the occasion of the United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change (UNFCCC) that will take place in Bangkok from the 28th of September until the 9th of October 2009, the “Peoples Actions on Climate Change” (PACC) is organising a series of side events that we would like to invite you to attend.

The “Peoples Actions on Climate Change (PACC)” is an initiative of organizations belonging to the Philippine Climate Watch Alliance (PCWA), the NGO Coordinating Committee for Development (NGOCOD) in Thailand and other organizations calling for a People’s Protocol on the issue of Climate Change during the UNFCCC in Bangkok.

Through this grassroots-based assembly, the proponent organizations hope to present the voice and face to the serious impacts of climate change – grassroots sectors in Asia, who are undoubtedly the ones who would be most affected.

This shall also be a venue for exchange and expression of local climate change issues and coping mechanisms, calls and actions towards asserting their right to access and conserve the Earth’s resources, while protecting and advancing their welfare over the global environmental and economic crisis.

It will bring together a minimum of 200 women and men leaders of grassroots movements in at least 20 countries, along with at least 200 Thailand grassroots leaders. It shall:

  1. Show how Asian grassroots peoples’ sufferings have been aggravated by Climate Change,
  2. Show how Asian grassroots peoples have and can further cope, and
  3. Show how Asian grassroots peoples would want this problem to be addressed
  4. This event shall also serve as a build up civil society action to the Conference of Parties 15 in Copenhagen on December 2009.

Program of events

The PACC events, from the 29th of September to the 5th of October, will take place as follows:

September 29th:

  1. Fisherfolk action:
    • Fisherfolks from climate change affected communities will stage an action to project fisherfolk calls and demands for drastic response to climate change impacts.
    • Time: 11.15 am – 12 am
    • Place: In front of the United Nations Conference Centre
  2. Exhibit of Community based climate change coping technologies and education materials:
    • NGOs and Pos are invited to exhibit their community-based technologies to adapt to impacts or help mitigate climate change
    • Time: 9am to 5pm
    • Place: 14 October 1973 Monument/ Mathayom Wat Benchamabophit School.
  3. ‘Asian Peoples’ Solidarity for Climate Justice Press conference:
    • The Peoples’ Action on Climate Change will take part in this joint press conference
    • Time: 12 am
    • Place: In front of the UN Convention Centre

September 30th:

  1. Traditional Folk Dances and Rural Peoples Protest:
    • Representatives of Peasant and other Ruralfolk organizations in Asia will express their protest over continuous neglect of governments for continuing and worsening impacts of climate change on poor countries and communities.
    • Time: 9am -11am
    • Place: In front of the UN Convention Centre

October 1st:

  1. ‘Asian Women’s Quilt on Climate Change’
    • Asian women will display quilts reflecting climate impacts on women, and their proposed solutions and calls.
    • Time: 9am- 11am
    • Place: 14 October 1973 Monument

October 2nd:

  1. Deep and Drastic Cuts Parade
    • March that will expose real cause of Global Warming and the call for upholding peoples’ rights and for deep and drastic cuts.
    • Time: 9am- 12am
    • Place: From Mathayom Wat Benchamabophit School to the UN Convention Centre
  2. ‘Workshop on climate justice and tourism’
    • Workshop that aims to raise awareness about the link between climate change and tourism. Speakers from Asian countries will present topics such as land rights and tourism, water shortage, use of agrofuels for tourism transport.
    • Time: 2pm- 5pm
    • Place: Mathayom Wat Benchamabophit School

October 3rd:

  1. ‘Climate Conference of Asian Peoples Movements’
    • Conference that will consolidate the position of different sectors (peasants, IP, women, youth, labor, etc.) on climate change and related issues (REDD, carbon trading, biofuel, etc.) towards the formulation of a strong and unified position regarding the post Kyoto Climate Agreement and COP15 in Copenhagen.
    • Time: 8.40 am- 6pm
    • Place: Mathayom Wat Benchamabophit School

October 4th:

  1. ‘Youth Kite Flying for Climate Change Action’
    • Kites with peoples’ calls on climate action will fly through Bangkok winds
    • Time: 9am -11am
    • Place: Sanam Luang (To be confirmed)

October 5th:

  1. ‘Asian Peoples’ Solidarity for Climate Justice’ (common rally)
    • The Peoples Action on Climate Change will take part in a common march from Santichaiprakarn Park to the UN Convention Centre
    • Time: 9am- 12 am

    • Place: from Santichaiprakarn Park to the UN Convention Centre

    For more information:

    Please visit the PACC website: www.climatechangeaction.net, or contact PACC media team:

    Note: 14 October 1973 Monument is located at the intersection between Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue and Tanao Road.