15,000 BIG! TREEs in TOWN here in 2015

2014 is the third year of operation of BIG! TREE IN TOWN by the Christian social organization “Allso” . Their aim is to plant 15,000 trees by 2015 and at their recent promotional event staged by the Ping River in down town Chiang Mai on 13th September the question asked but unanswered by a news photographer was “Where will all these trees be planted?”.

A fair question indeed. Hard to imagine them along the roads as at an average spacing of ten metres 150 kilometres of road would have to be found and that length of road space in Chiang Mai town is not available.

So the answer must be found elsewhere and one easy site is only ten kilometres from the city centre. Near the Provincial Administration Center at Mae Rim, between the Irrigation Canal which flows south from the Mae Daeng and the eastern slopes of Doi Suthep is an extensive area of degraded forest and weedy grassland managed by the Royal Thai Army at Huai Teng Tao.

Huai Teung Thao - Army area tree planting site long grass

NASA satellite photographs from Google Earth document the extent of available land much of which has been subject to tree planting in the last decade only to have most trees destroyed by fire. The grass dominated area in the above picture is situated at the northern end in the aerial photographs here which cover the period from 2002 to 2013 and shows no sign of increased tree cover.  The middle of the site remains dominated by paddy fields which are not available for reforestation. Although south of the stream bisecting the site, areas with tree cover have slightly increased in the past decade, bare land with neither grass nor tree cover can be seen on the ridges of the foot hills to the west.

The lack of top soil due to prolonged erosion on the ridges will necessitate back packing soil dredged from the lake during the dry season to permit tree planting.  A great exercise routine for students and army recruits.

Haui Teng Tao 2002 l


Haui Teng Tao 2005Haui Teng Tao 2010 lHaui Teng Tao 2010 XmasHaui Teng Tao 2011 lHaui Teng Tao 2012 Dec lHaui Teng Tao 2012 lHaui Teng Tao 2013 l











The above images range from the top left in 2002 thru 2005 2010 2010

2011 2012 2012 2013  at bottom right.

( Click to see in detail and then click again to enlarge the image )

Footnote: 15,000 may seem like a lot of trees, however government tree nurseries in Chiang Mai have many hundreds of thousands in plastic bags which should have been planted in 2013 and 2014. Did officers of the Royal Forests Department who knew of this situation in May press the military committee running the country to move urgently to demand funds to plant these trees during the rainy season?

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Railway Park Trees Made Safe

Early this September we reported on the splendid growth of trees in Railway Park, but included a warning of the danger from big dead trees.

One week ago today during a visit to Chiang Mai’s newly appointed governor Suriya Prasatbuntitya in the grounds of his official residence by the Narawat bridge a delegation from Gum Hak Doi Suthep showed the governor photos of the dead trees.

We explained that the Nakhorn Chiang Mai Municipality had failed to act to remove this public danger despite being warned of the issue.

Photos below taken this morning document the removal of the trees.

DSCN3711 - Railway Park Dead Trees Now FirewoodDSCN3712 -Railway Park Dead Bombax goneDSCN3713 - Railway Park Dead Trees CleanupDSCN3714 - Railway Park Dead Tree Cleanup






Also in response to reports that management of the park would revert from the municipality to the Railways Department from 30th September, we interviewed the Chiang Mai Station Master who said that the park would continue to be open to the public for recreation as before. A budget for maintenance had been approved and a company had been contracted to perform the work.

We told of the community tree planting efforts of recent years organized by Gum Hak Doi Suthep with the aim of bring a diverse range of indigenous trees to grace and shade the park and our desire to continue this program.  The Station Master requested  our contact details to forward to the contractor.



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Flood Warning for Chiang Mai 2014

With reports of serious flooding coming from various parts of Thailand e.g. Sukhothai and Chiang Rai, what might happen if heavy rain falls in the the Ping River catchment upstream of Chiang Mai?

These pictures from 2011 give the answer:

Flood Warning - September 2011 - 2014  perhapsFlood Warning - September 2011 - Railway Park

However given similar rains, September 2014 floods could be worse, as levy banks upstream constructed since 2011 will raise water levels, as will this new barrage opposite Chiang Mai’s central market :

Flood Warning - September 2014 Worot Market Barage

Inappropriate construction as reported in July along the Ping River continues.


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Railway Park Trees – 4 years on 2010-14

After several years with the gates locked due to a contract dispute, Chiang Mai residents were allowed to use the Railway Park in early 2010 and to mark World Environment Day community tree planting was organised for 4th June that year.

Most of the planting was concentrated at the northern end of the park and on both sides of a black water drain there. Trees on the northern side of the drain were twice destroyed by an ill considered dredging of the drain and then finally for a new high wall separating the park from the palace grounds on the Irrigation Department land.

The photos here show some excellent growth and alas dead stags which pose a deadly health hazard to park workers and visitors alike.

DSCN3056 DSCN3006 DSCN3007 DSCN3008 DSCN3011 DSCN3020 DSCN3021 DSCN3023 DSCN3025 DSCN3048 DSCN3049 DSCN3050 DSCN3051 DSCN3052 DSCN3053 DSCN3054 DSCN3055

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Will Prayuth go to New York?

“The formation of the NRC is an historic event that will lead the country to sustainable development and a complete democracy in line with international principles and suitable for Thai society,” Gen Prayuth said this week.

If that’s what Prime Minister Prayuth believes, he should be high tailing it to the United Nations in New York to astound the whole World with his plans to de-carbonize the Thai economy starting with the shut down of PTT oil and gas exploration and development, and ordering EGAT to close SE Asia’s most polluting mega lignite burning Mae Moh power plant.

Mae Moh Power Station - Lampang.

Mae Moh Power Station – Lampang.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has convened a summit of World Leaders in New York on 23rd September 2014 and the Thai Prime Minister needs to be there.

Before his trip may we suggest that PM Prayuth heed the words of long time climate activist Naomi Kline in her video presentation to the Degrowth Conference now underway in Leipzig in east Germany.

He can also give the leaders of the “Free World”, which these days consist of Free Trade ideologues a lesson on how their so-called “liberal democracy” is no democracy at all as it imposes austerity on the bulk of the populations where it rules and war contrary to the voters’ wishes elsewhere.

He can apologize to the World for Thailand’s failure to date to move towards a sustainable economy. Apologize for the failure to promote solar electricity, apologize for the previous government’s first car buyer scheme and say sorry for forgetting to turn off the street lights during our recent curfew.

He can also promise that Thailand will not go down the hazardous path of nuclear power,  nor will it tolerate further damming of the rivers which bring life to this great agricultural country, including the mighty Mekong.

And finally before he leaves on this historic mission Prime Minister Prayuth needs to make it clear that public marches and demonstrations to show that the people of Thailand are behind him on this issue will be welcomed.

2009 Chiang Mai activists oppose coal power.

2009 Chiang Mai activists oppose coal power.

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Prayuth’s Stopping List

Yesterday the government announced details of plans for a legislative assembly. One of its early tasks will be the approval of the annual budget for government.

In the lead up state bodies will be preparing their Shopping Lists for projects they wish to embark upon. However they are still spending money from the previous budget and much is going on projects, where going on past performance corruption has been going on behind the scenes. Hence the need for a Stopping List.

The government has repeatedly said it will move to stamp out corruption and has acted already to quash the uneconomic fast train project, a case of policy corruption.

Here we make some suggestions for the Chiang Mai area and readers are invited to suggest their own.

Stop Concreting our Mae Ping

Concreting the Mae Ping

Recent years have seen large expenditures along the Ping River supposedly to flood proof Chiang Mai. Historically floods have not been a problem for Chiang Mai and during the 2011 rains which brought death disaster to the central plain of Siam, Chiang Mai city had two days of minor flooding.  This was despite the fact that the Ping River had been deepened by dredging but it was made worse by levy construction and dredging upstream which prevented the usual spreading of water to low lying agricultural land.

In 2012-13 large water gates were constructed down stream of the city which if opened should allow the river to act as a fast flowing drain. However a series of weirs between downtown and the gates have not been removed so they can not perform their purported role.

Nimmanhaemin Rd sign to Wiang Kum Kam heritage site.Mae Ping Watergate

Construction work in February 2014



Now more of our taxes are being wasted on the destructive concreting of the river which has not seriously misbehaved since it destroyed Wiang Kum Kam over 700 years ago resulting in the the new Chiang Mai.

Please Khun Prayuth order this be stopped now.

Stop wasteful road works

Muang Chiang Mai

The lively Nimmanhaemin area of Chiang Mai is under threat from road department plans to turn the road into a high speed route around the city.

Despite the lack of agreement from the Royal Thai Air Force to permit a section of the road to pass through Air Force land which would clearly endanger the security of the air base the Main Roads Department has acquired land and demolished valuable housing, including a large mansion and modern block of apartments to build a divided highway stopping at the entrance to Wing 41.

For three years residents in the Nimmanhaemin area have expressed opposition to the plans which has failed to prevent the destruction which was only completed this January.

Gone for Nimmanhaemin Rd widening - MansionGone for Nimmanhaemin Rd widening - FlatsFlats demolition complete

We thank the RTAF for its stance and request it continue to protect our city from this project.



We would ask Khun Prayuth to order revocation of the main road reserve between Wing 41 and the Super Highway at Huai Keow Rincome interesction.

Further we would welcome money being transferred from the roads budget to construct much needed public housing for low income workers, many of whom live in slum conditions. Many slum dwellers who often are in occupations shunned by others,  prefer to remain in unsanitary conditions within easy travel to work but where they have some security of tenure which they should also be given if relocated.

Mae Rim

Another  over engineered and therefore over priced road project is underway on route 107 at Mae Rim. The project which is over a year from completion involves a road tunnel to speed traffic on the Chiang Mai – Mae Rim road. The traffic must pass through high activity urban areas with services such including markets and a major hospital and the effect of the tunnel by speeding the traffic will be to the detriment of  local people. Meanwhile delays caused by the restrictive traffic light regime which is in place at all such tunneled intersections in Chiang Mai will lead to continued delays, pollution build up and waste of fuel.

Alternative intersection treatments such as in the example from Cairns in Queensland reduce accidents and congestion. Here again is a project we would ask Khun Prayuth to consider before further work proceeds.

Mae Rim - Outer Ring Rd IntersectionCairns Highway Roundabout


Consoling the contractors

While our suggestions above would if acted upon disrupt the work of contractors on the projects cause them serious loss  which would not need to be compensated for under the provisions of martial law we would urge the government to deal fairly and find other suitable work e.g. bridge work for railway duplication.

The recent meeting with Korean companies over likely changes to the giant water scheme is sets a welcome precedent but only in so far that the project which was conceived in a corrupt and illegal manner is properly evaluated. Here again the possibility remains to scrap the dams opposed by country folk and offer the Korean companies a role in railway upgrading.

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No swimming at Hangdong Canyon after latest drowning.

With the weather at its hottest in April last year we wrote about swimming in a flooded quarry  which has come to be known as the Hangdong Grand Canyon water hole.

Cliffs above perilously deep water.

Since then pictures of this beautiful spot have appeared on various websites promoting Chiang Mai.

In May 2013 two boys drowned as reported on the Chiang Mai City Life website, during a morning swim after they had walked up to Wat Doi Suthep the night before.

Authorities in Thailand appear to take a cavalier approach to public safety and to drownings as this report on Mekong River deaths from WAtoday.com indicates

“Local police reported that it was not unusual for tourists to drown in the area, where the river ran fast, acting state coroner Evelyn Vicker was told.

The river had claimed the lives of eight foreign visitors during the 15-month period from January 1, 2011, but Mr Lewis had not been identified as one of them.”

In April City Life did a photo shoot at the canyon, and I wrote asking for a life buoy to be installed offering to contribute to the cost.  As can be seen from today’s photo above, I wrote in vain.
Last week a Korean visitor drowned and the canyon now has the following sign prohibiting swimming. Visitors may still enter and should one slip and fall assistance without a life buoy may fail to prevent another drowning.
No Swimming
So as usual. A death, no talk of an inquest, just as in the recent night train race and murder, but instead an knee jerk reaction, and a public asset lost.






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James Austin Farrell rants again

Like the many readers who miss the writing of James Farrell, recently departed ChiangMaiCityNews.com editor. I am pleased to see he has lost none of his brilliance and speed typing ability, as his post today on his Facebook page reveals.

Yesterday James wrote the following brief comment in introducing a article from Bloomberg ( whence the pic below originates ).

“The man who brought dangerous food to Thailand in order to fuck up the next generation gets richer because of coup. Happy days for a man living in Thailand 17 years and can’t speak any Thai – and to think he was naturalized!

I actually met him years ago, at the elephant polo. He wasn’t very nice, but then neither is polo.”

Heinecke safely aove the sound of bids & frogs

Jamezes (no apostrophe s thanks ) comment brought about some less than flattering responses to which he responds eloquently as in his self described rant below:

“I don’t much feel like a pseudo-Communist despot for vilifying these junk food magnates. Their poisons infect large groups of the population, causing widespread ill-health, disease, depression, and a pervasive general malaise. Their happy products are steeped in ill-will and insidious intent. Look at all the richest people in Thailand, and then research their products, and the harm they cause: CP, Red Bull, Chang, Singh, and this foreign invader, the USA junk food importer. The last thing Thailand needs is to recreate the American eating model and push aside a very healthy eating model of its own creation; nor does Thailand need to embrace harmful GMOs, and sly aggressive marketing designed to hoodwink kids and their easily prostrated uncritical parents. But it will happen; it will happen because the herds don’t see what’s coming; they don’t give a shit, just as long as they look good, keep face, or at least stay in line with their peers. Thailand is here for the taking! The great plague of junk genericy has landed. Roll on illness, and so we can combat our weakness with drugs, American and British drugs, aided and abetted by Thai investors living in the Swiss Alps; occasionally coming home for a TV wai or to talk about Thainess, great traditions, and reform…when they are nothing more and nothing less than your everyday common capitalist atavist.

In fact, I only know one man in Chiang Mai with an ego big enough to create a religion replete with thousands of followers? Comparing my rant with Pol PotI, is this some kind of guilt impulse? I’m merely a critic of what i think is something very detrimental to society. I am not attempting to arrest people’s minds, or offer an alternative way of living. As to your daft knee-jerk comment, my lifestyle is fairly healthy. I eat well, cycle and run every day. This gives me the clarity to see how these evil fucks are penetrating society with their despicable products, designed to influence, and create disease. The big bucks are sucked into their infinite pockets, and just in case we suffer too much of an overdose, then Big Pharma is always there to pick up the pieces, at a price of course – they make you more sick. These products are the scourge of every school, as is our fascination with out-buying each other for temporary egotistical relief.

Ollie, you’re an apologist and your cynicism is utterly selfish. With an attitude like this who do you serve? I guess no one but yourself. Enjoy the bowling…I guess you believe in this non-participatory shit as you are making a good living yourself out of marketing a dubious brand. Don’t tar me with the same brush.

I may have eaten a KFC, I may have quaffed a bottle of wine, but that doesn’t mean to say i agree with these addictive foods being marketed to Thai kids. Thai kids had good food already! This will lead to an unhealthy, over-weight, depressed generation. You don’t think that’s worth criticizing?
It’s got fuck all to do with Marx, it’s common sense, humanitarian common sense. Aren’t you the big positivist? Well work it out, these products are very dangerous. And that man pushing them, well, he deserves my rancour. The excuse, ‘well, someone would do it if he didn’t’ is just so damned weak and evasive. What are we to do? Lie down and be quiet as we are raped and plundered? Apathy is a far worse condition than ignorance.

He does not deserve to be punished under the drunken violence of that heinous law, but he does deserve to be trampled to death by a million fat kids with diabetes. The fact he’s getting rich(er) off the back of coup, and so defends it, is quite devilish in itself. But making money has never been a very nice thing, has it? Democracy in America is as tainted as a rolled up 10 dollar bill.

Once we discover how many people are filling their pockets through this great reformation it will become clear what the raison d’etre is and has always been of politicians and those suspended on the highest branches of the cultural hierarchy. But then hey, we always knew this eh, this is the free market, it’s just how the world works. Don’t forget Mao and Pol Pot, and fuck reading what Marx actually wrote, sit back and enjoy your mixed drink as the world’s worst monsters creep around in the background coming up with new ways how to fuck you over and get rich off your disease.

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